When I was starting my career many years ago, I attended a Porsche engine school in California where all students were given a book titled “EXCELLENCE IS EXPECTED."

I took that motto to heart over the years and take pride now in delivering quality workmanship and superior service on every job. 

So if you're shopping for the absolute lowest price possible…I'm probably not the right mechanic for you. But if you're interested in having your VW air-cooled engine built right the first time…then you should give me a call to discuss your needs.

I build very high quality VW engines—better than the VW factory engines that are sold new. I use new cylinder heads as well as new pistons and cylinders. Genuine VW connecting rods are also rebuilt here along with new camshafts, lifters and more. We also have lots of options on high-performance engine components. 

Call for everything from complete engines, new alternators, carburetors, electronic distributors, 

Bosch ignition parts and much more.

I have several Beetle and Bus VW “Air-Cooled” engines available at any given time, and I guarantee that if you take the time to visit my shop here in Comfort, TX and spend a few minutes—you'll know without a doubt that no one can build a VW air-cooled engine like me. 


If you're interested in getting an estimate on your present engine you will need to deliver it to my shop. Only AFTER it has been disassembled will I be able to give you a firm price for the work.